Trade School Scholarships

As another school year comes to an end for high school students, many incoming seniors are beginning to seriously think about their future beyond high school. High school students are becoming more aware of the downfalls associated with a typical 4-year degree; i.e., a lot of student loan debt and difficulty of finding a job after graduation. As this awareness grows, so does the interest in pursuing a skilled trade degree.  What many high school graduates or soon-to-be-graduates may not know is how successful you can be with a career in the trades: “Acquiring a professional trade at a vocational or trade school may be the perfect way to realize one’s dream of a high-paying job and a personally rewarding career” (Online Schools Center). The trades encompass so many different career paths, from carpentry to baking, which allows those who choose a trade to select a skill that they truly enjoy doing every day. We encourage students to consider the trades for many reasons, and one is to avoid lifelong student debt. The more popular a career in the trades becomes, the more scholarship options emerge to save students even more money on their education investment! The easiest way to find available scholarships for the school and/or trade you are pursuing is to do some research online. Here are some current resources for available vocational/trade school scholarships in the Unites States:

You can also contact our team to inquire about any current scholarships we have available in your area! Once you select a few scholarships that you are eligible for, we recommend making a list of the deadlines and requirements for each one. Almost every scholarship requires some sort of essay and completion of an entry application. You might be able to reuse an essay with certain tweaks, but be prepared to spend a few hours on each scholarship so you can submit a meaningful, well-executed application. Good luck to all recent and soon-to-be graduates!