Get ready to embark on an exciting journey through the world of heavy equipment operations with our fully immersive heavy equipment simulator.


Step into the shoes of a skilled operator and experience the thrill of taking control of a Cat® excavator while tackling the same tasks found on real construction sites. Safety and productivity are at the forefront as our experienced instructors guide learners using proper operational techniques.

Our Cat® Simulators are the cream of the crop, being the only Caterpillar-licensed simulators on the market. The SimLite Excavator, featured in our Mobile Learning Lab, provides a wide array of learning opportunities for aspiring operators. Equipped with authentic Cat® controls and real-world training applications, the user-friendly system allows learners to record, track, and report their progress. What hidden talents will your learners uncover behind the controls?

Heavy Equipment Career Overview

The SimLite Excavator opens the door to a world of potential career paths. While the focus is on excavator operations, the skills learned are easily transferable to other heavy equipment disciplines, including crane and backhoe operations. As a professional construction equipment operator, you’ll be crucial in building the infrastructure that shapes our world.

Here’s an overview of what a career in heavy equipment operation entails:

  • Driving, maneuvering, or controlling machinery used to build roads, bridges, and other essential structures – be the force that shapes the landscape!
  • Using machinery to move supplies, earth, and materials between and around job sites – master the art of precision movement!
  • Operating graders for leveling and tractors to load materials like dirt and rocks – create a solid foundation for construction!
  • Operating backhoes and front-end loaders as required – be the maestro of heavy-duty machines!
  • Operating dump trucks to transport materials – keep the jobsite running smoothly and efficiently!
  • Coordinating machine actions with crew members using hand or audio signals – teamwork and communication are key!
  • Cleaning and maintaining heavy-duty equipment – be the caretaker of your powerful tools!
  • Making basic repairs to equipment as necessary – become a problem solver on the go!
  • Assisting coworkers in ensuring the site is clean and organized at the end of each shift – leave a lasting mark of professionalism!
  • Providing suggestions to refine job site workflow and boost efficiency – let your expertise shape the future of construction!