Imagine a world where a workforce of skilled trades superheroes fuels your business. Buckle up, because that’s exactly what the Big Ideas Industry Partner Network is bringing to the table!

Your employees can connect with learners of all ages on the Mobile Learning Lab, where you can help them launch into exciting career opportunities. Whether you’re a global giant or a local legend, our Industry Partner Network weaves a thread between your company and a legion of young minds that could soon be your superstars!

Why Should You Jump on This Adventure?

Get ready for a wild ride with the Big Ideas Industry Partner Network! Here’s why it’s the coolest opportunity in town:

  • Supercharge Access: Gain a direct line to the next generation of skilled trades masters in the making. It’s like having a backstage pass to talent!
  • Create Important Connections: Empower your employees to form personal bonds with eager learners. Watch sparks fly as your team shares their expertise, igniting a passion for your craft.
  • Show Off Your Stuff: Promote your benefits, internships, and other epic programs to a crowd of captivated candidates. Be the hero they’ve been waiting for!
  • Unleash Engagement: Experience a level of public interaction that will make your competitors green with envy. Our Mobile Learning Lab turns heads and puts your experience in the spotlight.
  • Secure Your Dream Team: Find the brightest stars in the galaxy and welcome them to your team. These Mobile Learning Lab explorers have the potential to shine brighter than any supernova!

Current Partners

Check out these industry legends who have already embarked on this epic journey as part of the Industry Partner Network.