Step into the world of welding like never before with our state-of-the-art augmented-reality welding simulator.


Experience the thrill of mastering the physical mechanics and precision required to perform successful welding operations without risks. This is your chance to unlock a new world of opportunity within this highly technical yet immensely rewarding skilled trade.

Our AugmentedArc® Augmented Reality Welding System from MillerWelds offers an unparalleled level of realism, seamlessly blending real-world and computer-generated images. With the guidance of our dedicated team of hands-on instructors, learners will be fully immersed in the art of welding. Watch as sparks fly and metals bond together in a captivating fusion of technology and craftsmanship. Prepare to uncover a newfound skill and a career opportunity you never thought possible.

Welding Career Overview

Welding is not just a career; it’s a gateway to a world of possibilities. It’s a field that offers growth, challenges, and rewards for ambitious individuals like yourself. As a welder, you’ll have the power to join metal parts and shape the world around you

Here’s a snapshot of what a welding career entails:

  • Joining metal parts in constructing buildings, airplanes, automobiles, and more – be the foundation of structures that stand the test of time!
  • Igniting welding torches and striking arcs to fuse metal in flat, vertical, or overhead positions – harness the power of heat and transform metal with your expertise!
  • Operating angle grinders to prepare parts that need to be welded – precision and attention to detail are your allies!
  • Aligning components using tools like calipers, rulers, and clamps – let your keen eye ensure perfect alignment!
  • Welding components using manual or semi-automatic welding equipment – be the master of the flame and create solid bonds!
  • Reading and interpreting detailed blueprints and drawings – let the plans guide your masterful creations!
  • Determining appropriate welding equipment or methods based on project requirements – adaptability is your secret weapon!
  • Repairing machinery and other components – bring new life to worn-out parts!
  • Testing and inspecting welded surfaces and structures to uncover flaws – ensure the highest quality and safety standards!
  • Maintaining equipment to ensure it’s safe to operate – be the guardian of your tools and ensure they’re always ready for action!