Our mission is to inform, inspire, and connect curious learners ages 13+ to career paths and professionals in skilled trades.

Big Ideas is here to play a leading role in forging that next chapter.

Through an immersive, hands-on experience and one-on-one instruction from our team of passionate trades professionals, we are opening young minds to the true impact they can have with a career in skilled trades.

Our Mobile Learning Lab brings the experience directly to you.

The Lab provides schools with a unique approach to CTE curriculum while also equipping industry, nonprofit, and civic organizations with a new scope of opportunity for their own young adults.

With engaging VR experiences that simulate everything from heavy equipment and welding to woodworking and beyond, our focus is on promoting all skilled trades for all people so that young learners might uncover a new career path and a natural ability they’ve never tapped into before.

Without the trades, we wouldn’t be here today.

And who knows where we’d be headed tomorrow? By informing, inspiring, and connecting with young minds, we’re opening the door to career paths in skilled labor, management, supervisory, and entrepreneurial roles, so they can ensure the infrastructure around us continues to thrive for generations to come.

That’s the big idea.


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Mary Ann Christensen
Ryan Ott
Executive Director
Anna Hughes
Director of Sales and Outreach
Andrew Kish
Mobile Lab Coordinator

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Our experienced team of instructors is made up of dedicated, passionate skilled trades professionals who find true fulfillment in passing down their knowledge to future generations – and we are always looking to add new and engaging tradespeople to our team to help further our mission.

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