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Breadth of Careers within Industry

When we think of trade skills, most of us think:’ plumbers, carpenters, welder’ and while that is correct, skilled trades cover a much broader range of careers.  Consider everything that goes into building a house. We see the carpenter that uses the nail gun, but we often do not see the person who engineers the

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National Kid Inventor Day

The future belongs to the youth. Our goal is to engage curious minds of all ages. Did you know kids invented (or at least thought of) these items: Swimming flippers, popsicles, earmuffs, the braille system, trampolines, water skiing, and snowmobiles just to name a few.  If your child shows passion for hands-on learning, visit

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Blue Collar White Collar

The terms blue-collar and white-collar appeared first in 1920 to distinguish workers based on the color of the shirts they wore  White-collar jobs are more corporate and managerial, while blue-collar jobs are often non-management but actual physical labor type of jobs  There is purple, yellow, and pink collars as well. 

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