Classroom Connections

The classroom is traditionally the backdrop for education, inspiration, and growing curiosity. For Big Ideas, it is all of those things and also a great source of joy, as we see our mission fulfilled.

A couple of months ago, we delivered our most recent course in a classroom setting. We recently received feedback on the experience from the host, Wolf Creek High School in Chisago, MN.

“Our students really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about welding and especially enjoyed being able to take what they were learning and translate those pieces into a hands-on application. Our staff was impressed with the class. This was a first for us and certainly a unique experience.”, stated Lindsay Miller, our program liaison from Wolf Creek.

“I can definitely see some of our students being interested in taking more steps toward welding. Many of our students gravitate toward hands-on learning. The instructor was very knowledgeable about careers in welding, including opportunities, challenges, training, and earning potential. The idea of a well paying, high demand, and hands-on career was appealing to our students.”, Miller continued.

With things changing due to COVID-19 requirements, Big Ideas has evolved as well, moving their traditional hands-on classroom and shop offerings to a mobile classroom.

This coming summer and fall, the mobile classroom will travel to destinations, offering learners the opportunity to partake in virtual welding, virtual commercial paint booth courses, virtual computer aided design offerings, and even commercial sewing demonstrations.

While we look forward to partnering with schools, industry, and clubs in the future, we are ecstatic at the opportunity to reinvent the classroom a bit and still reach learners, right in their back yard.

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