Tips & Careers for DIY Woodworking

Despite the name, do it yourself (DIY) projects do not need to be done alone. You can always reference YouTube videos and different “How-To” guides for instructions, but there is another resource that you may not be aware of: your local lumberyard!

In New Ulm, we have two local lumberyard/construction material providers: Puhlmann Lumber & Design and Design Home Center. Both of these companies provide services that you probably aren’t aware of! Like most lumberyards, these stores are much more than just a vendor of wood. They can help you with your project from the design phase to implementation. From a project as small as an end table to as big as drafting a home blueprint, lumberyard employees are experts in the field.

If you do start to take on DIY woodworking projects and find a true passion for it, there are several career options to consider, many of which require the following skills/duties:

  • “Understand detailed architectural drawings, schematics, shop drawings, and blueprints
  • Prepare and set up machines and tooling for woodwork manufacturing
  • Lift wood pieces onto machines, either by hand or with hoists
  • Operate woodworking machines, including saws and milling and sanding machines
  • Listen for unusual sounds or detect excessive vibration in machinery
  • Ensure that products meet industry standards and project specifications, making adjustments as necessary
  • Select and adjust the proper cutting, milling, boring, and sanding tools for completing a job
  • Use hand tools to trim pieces or assemble products”

Source: College Grad

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Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash

Different career paths and/or titles for a career in the industry include:

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