The Simple Senior Checklist for Life After Graduation

The excitement is building for the incoming class of 2020 and these seniors are beginning to map out what they will do after graduation. The implication that you need to know exactly what you want to with the rest of your life by the time you are a senior can feel really overwhelming, but we invite all seniors to take a deep breath and make decisions one at a time.

We encourage all incoming seniors to use this checklist in your final year as a high school student to stay on track and set yourself up for a great life after graduation!

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Click here to download the PDF Checklist.

While this checklist is pretty simple, it will give you the guidelines and motivation you need to succeed after graduation. If you are still questioning whether you want to pursue a career in the trades, we highly recommend taking one of our courses or reaching out to connect with a professional in the trade that interests you most!