The Mobile Learning Lab lets you explore in-demand jobs with an interactive experience!

We use fully immersive virtual reality systems to introduce a variety of trades. 

Inside the trailer, we have 3 classrooms with simulators for welding, carpentry, and excavation.
We also have TRANSFRVR, an Oculus based career exploration program that houses over 20 trades simulations. 

Take a 3D Tour

(simply hit the play button)


This 3D-projection carpentry table is one of only 3 in the country and the only one available for public use. Developed by Mimbus, the WoodEd table allows learners to test their skill using a table saw, band saw, jointer, or router

CAT Simulator

This excavator simulator is developed by Caterpillar Corporation to train heavy equipment operators and develop their skills as excavators.  See how long it takes you to dig a trench!

TransFR VR

The programming of these Oculus headsets allows you to explore 23 different trades of interest.  Offering basic introductions to auto maintenance to warehouse crane operations to fire suppression, check’em all out!


VR Painting

Utilizing state of the art virtual reality (VR), learners are exposed to the art of industrial painting and coatings and almost immediately begin to practice the skills required to excel.  Are you destined to paint anything from Army helicopters to graffiti??

AR Welding

Welding in augmented reality (AR) allows learners to experience first-hand the physical mechanics required in basic welding operations. The Miller Welding software scores each weld allowing through-the-helmet feedback for perfect practice. Experience melting metal without the heat!

Road Show Locations