What interests you about the trade you applied for the scholarship for?

I have always had a big interest in the construction field of work. I like being active and hands on type of tasks so I really felt that the construction field would be a good field to pursue. I really enjoyed hearing from the professors about the program and what a future career would look like and that got me really excited to pursue a career in the HVAC/R program. Everything the professor was saying was of high interest to me and I truly enjoyed listening about the career and I am very excited to start my career in the HVAC/R field.

What about this career path excites you?

Everything in the path excites me. There was not a single thing that the professor said that I would be doing that I wasn’t really excited about. Working with a local plumbing and heating company this spring I have been able to experience and learn more about the field. I have enjoyed working on all types of projects regarding the HVAC/R systems but my favorites so far have been the duct work and the air conditioning. I am very excited to continue to learn and grow this spring and summer and even more excited to get to start my college career at SCC this fall to complete my HVAC/R degree and start my career once I complete it.

What do you look forward to with your future within your career?

I am so excited to be able to get out in the field and be able to do the HVAC/R type work. I love that there is a wide variety of things that I am able to do with this career and many paths and learning options that I will be able to take throughout my career. This isn’t a career that will be the same work day after day and it will always be something different to work on and that makes me excited.

How long have you been interested in your trade of choice?

I have always been interested in the trade careers, just wasn’t always sure on which path I wanted to go. This last year I found a lot of interest in the construction path and really wanted to pursue something along those lines. This fall the electrician side of the construction field was really interesting to me. I had toured a couple of colleges with the electrical program and they seemed of interest to me. I decided to tour SCC just to check out the HVAC/R program. Immediately after touring the college I knew that I wanted to go for the HVAC/R program. I really enjoyed visiting with the Professors and really felt comfortable with what they said that the program would be like and the type of work I would be doing. This spring I’ve had the opportunity to start working with a local plumbing and heating company and I have really enjoyed my time and being able to start learning the HVAC/R type of work. I plan to work with this company this summer to continue learning and developing to help me have a step forward come this fall when classes start.