Who, you? Yes. You!

Not a great speaker? Get tongue-tied in front of a group?

Good! We do not want professional teachers. We want Real… real people, real professionals, real-world experience.

We seek active, semi-retired, or retired trades professionals who are passionate about their work who recognize the good, the bad, and the indifferent parts of their careers and are willing to share that wisdom with others.  

Through you, we offer learners useful, hands-on projects that are illustrative of the basic technical skills needed on the job. In all honesty, these projects are often the starting point for conversations about the reality of a good day, a bad day, a day in the sun or cold, working with bosses (whether a supervisor or a customer), and the “soft skills” needed to be successful in the field. 


You have already forgotten what you need to teach.  

Yep, we are about introducing interested learners to the basics. Very.Basic. Some need to learn how to read a tape measure. That.Basic. 

And we will help you decide what to teach. With BICourse Profiles, we give you examples of previously used curricula and then, through a conversational question and answer, you either accept the course outline or we’ll help you modify it to your strengths. 

You get paid 

We know it’s not what you can make in your day job. We simply want to recognize that you are a professional taking time away from work or family to teach while keeping the classes economical for the students. We pay per class hour (but not preparation hour). (Sorry, we got taken to the cleaners once and learned the lesson the hard way that healthy boundaries are necessary.) 

You tell us how often you want to teach! 

Whether it is once a year or once a month or only in your slow times, our traditional courses are taught in one, two, and four-night formats from 6:30-8:30.  Experience has shown that folks don’t want to commit to drawn-out schedules nor to weekend classes, although we continually test new formats (one of our welding instructors implemented a successful 4-H Trades Club that grew from a few Saturdays to much longer and will incorporate multiple instructors!). We listen to what you tell us! 

Your cost? Nothing. 

You are not on the hook for course costs: we provide the space and all equipment and materials needed whether for one student or more. You determine your maximum class size. Please note: we pledge to teach even if only one student registers because it may be the only time their learning opportunity is available.