Our own Briana featured on Motortrend’s Bitchin’ Boot Camp

We want to congratulate Briana Huhn for her awesome performance on the internationally streamed show: Bitchin’ Boot Camp!
Of over 2,000 applicants, Briana was selected for the final 12. Check out how far she made it!
Watch the full series:

Q&A with Briana:

Why is this important:

The entire experience was important to me for a few reasons. I wanted to prove to myself that I could step out of my element. I had never done things on camera before, aside from short videos on social media. I had never done any form of competition. Aside from proving that to myself, I wanted to show my daughter that it never hurts to try. I always choose to try and risk failure, than to sit and wonder what if. On the inside, I was terrified, but to my daughter I was fearless and ready.. that’s how I want her to remember this.

How did this get started: (did you apply/where you contacted)

A friend of mine told me about this show that was coming out and told me I should apply. They had posted an open casting call type video online, calling everyone out to see who has what it takes. It was absolutely out of my comfort zone. It took days to get the courage and an entire night to record a 3 minute audition video. My friend Anna took it and edited it, and it was sent off within a few days.

What did you learn:

I learned a lot about my work style, I am not good under pressure like that. I am meticulous and particular with my work. Putting me under time constraints, or working with people I don’t know and having time constraints was hard for me. I had to give them work that I felt was not good enough simply because I ran out of time.

The best thing I learned was how great it can be if you take a chance. While I was there I formed relationships that I will cherish forever.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get started in the trades?

Dive right in! I can really only speak on welding as a profession, but there are so many different avenues you can take. If you start in one area that doesn’t mean you’re stuck doing that forever. The skill value is endless. Embrace all of it as it comes. It can literally take you anywhere… 9 years ago I was in a production welding shop, now I get to travel around and work on show cars! (the TV show is just one bad ass perk!)

How did this impact you as a woman/mother?

It was so awesome to see 4 other women be contestants on the show! I KNOW there are a lot of women in the trades, unfortunately they just aren’t front and center all the time. I have spent a lot time at Girl Gang Garage in Phoenix and have been surrounded by women that are in the auto industry as professionals and newbies, and ones that are just interested in starting out. I am always inspired by the variety of women I meet and I love surrounding my daughter with their positivity and determination.