Instructor Spotlight: Myron Wieland

  • Occupation: Retired Municipal Employee
  • Why do you work with Big Ideas?  I enjoy meeting middle school-aged children and exposing them to basic plumbing.  These young adults need exposure to the different building trades in order to foster a potential interest.
  • Why do you love the trades?  I personally get a strong sense of accomplishment from completing a plumbing or carpentry project.  I look at the talent of tradesmen being more of an art than a skill.
  • Why did you get started in the trades?  Periodically I would accompany my father, who was a carpenter by trade, to different sideline jobs and assist on those projects.  Early on I was the extra pair of hands needed at a job site. But as time went my father showed me different facets of carpentry.  Eventually I became proficient with hand and power tools.  I still enjoy working with my hands and engaging carpentry and plumbing projects