Instructor Spotlight : Heidi Watson

Customs Car shop owner

Why do you work with Big Idea’s?
I work with Big Ideas because I see a definite push for all High school students to go to 4-year schools. College is not for everyone; college dropout rates show this. If more information were provided to students and adults about working in skilled trades, people could be making a great living right out of school. After a 1-to-2-year college or certificate program, they come out of school with less debt and a stable job.

What is your best experience in Skilled Trades?
My best experience isn’t actually mine. When I was little, my dad was a logger (all of my family were loggers). We would go out and look at a timber sale, they would clear cut it, the forestry service would replant it, and then we could watch the young forest grow again. Seeing log homes built out of trees that my dad and uncles cut and hauled to the site, was always exciting for me as well. My oldest son is now a logger and I couldn’t be prouder of him if he were a CEO, a doctor, or a lawyer.

What is your worst experience in Skilled Trades?
My toughest experience in trades is hearing of accidents on job sites. However in my own experience, I struggle to prove that I know what I am doing in my industry, It gets better every day.

Why did you get started with the trades?
I am an entrepreneur, and my partner Arco and I have a custom car shop. Together we do everything in the shop!

Why do you love the trades?
I love seeing a project come together.

Why do you like to share the trades?
I share the trades because often people only know what they are exposed to. If more people can get first-hand experience with a simulation of a trade, they can see that it is not as scary, or complicated as they thought. Yes, it takes skill, but a person develops that skill over time and they make great money while doing it!