Class of 2022: Congratulations!

Class of 2022:
Your last few years in school have had many challenges and you should be extremely proud of yourself that you overcame all of them on your path to graduation.
This time of your life is a turning point. Some of you will move out of your childhood home and continue your formal education. Some of you will stay home and work to figure out the next stage of your life. And others will start a band and live out of a van touring the country. No matter which road you follow, take pride in it.
The world needs all types of people; musicians, farmers, skateboard designers, plumbers, doctors, lawn care specialists, accountants, novelists – the list is endless.
If this post can offer some sort of advice it might be:
Take action.
Nothing can happen until you make a decision and take action.
Be proud of your decision.
Be true to yourself.
Always know you are an important part of your community wherever you fit in.
Take chances.
The responsibilities of life expand as you get older and now is the time to adventure, travel, do weird jobs, make art, and try new things.
In fact, Big Ideas, Inc started as a new adventure. We took a chance and we’ve learned, researched, and changed over the years but one thing remains consistent, we are here to provide opportunities to discover, explore and learn. We focus on skilled trades. We support all of the people working to build, fix, create and help our communities thrive.
We made the decision for our mission, you must as well. When you do, make sure you are seeking out your own opportunities to discover, explore and learn all the possibilities life has to offer.
Once again, Congratulations on your accomplishments!
We all look forward to seeing how you shape the world in the future.