BIEvery Day Genius – Public Utility Commission

BIEvery Day Genius – Public Utility Commission
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 The world of trades is more diverse than one may expect. With industries needing multiple trades to accomplish the task at hand, the opportunities are endless. Our BIEvery Day Genius series is focused on spotlighting trades that are not always top of mind.

 For our first stop, Big Ideas visited the local New Ulm Public Utilities Commission to learn more about their in-demand position, Relief Boiler Operator.

 We spoke with Dave Kuehn – Chief Engineer and Glenn Hillesheim – Assistant Chief to learn more about this full-time opportunity. The position includes duties such as; operation of power plant boilers and associated equipment and assisting with the maintenance and periodic overhaul of plant equipment. 

While steam engineer is a critical career, getting started may be easier than you’d think!  With possible on-the-job training, the job requires a high school diploma or equivalent and one-year experience of high-pressure steam production. Needed qualifications also include at least a State of Minnesota Second Class Grade “B” Engineer’s License and the ability to obtain a Provisional 1P license from the Department of Labor.

 It’s a step-up program.”, said Kuehn. “The number of ethanol plants and utilities… it’s an aging workforce and trying to keep it staffed is getting more difficult all of the time.”, Kuehn continued. 

 “You can literally come out of high school and take a ‘special’ – there are some books you can study, it is not a hard exam, it’s a thirty question exam, then take that ‘special’ and that is your first step into this career field – steam engineering.”, added Hillesheim.

 With a salary range of about $48,960 – $61,478 per year and the chance for growth, this position presents a fulfilling long-term career path that offers financial stability, benefits, and opportunity. 

 For more information or to apply, you can visit or call the Human Resources Office at 507-359-8235 with any questions. Applications will be accepted until the vacancy is filled. EOE