So you have clicked in this far… Good for YOU!  (and good for us!) 

This is your one-stop-shop (pun intended) for all things introductory to trades. If you are not sure of your career path, or are looking for a new one, we provide an opportunity to experience a trade taught by a career professional. While creating a usable, quality, take-home project that gives you a sense of accomplishment, you have a chance to talk one-one with your instructor who is either active, semi-retired, or retired and willing to share their passion of their career path. You will get the real story on good, bad, and so-so days in the industry and you get to ask the questions and hear the stories of the technical and soft skills needed to create your success. 

Our courses are progressive, allowing you to explore increasingly difficult skills. Best yet, if you realize you love what you’ve learned and decide to move forward in the profession, we give you lots of great resources for next-steps in formal education and/or employment opportunities.  

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