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Create a Promising Future in Manufacturing

What do you picture when you think of a manufacturing job? Long hours and overnight shifts in dark factories are common misconceptions that might scare you away from pursuing a career in manufacturing. This post is a wake-up call to inform you about the diverse array of manufacturing jobs that you can attain to build

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2019 State Fair Recap

As we reflect on our first year as an exhibitor at the Minnesota State Fair, we are overcome with gratitude for our volunteers and all the wonderful people who stopped by our booth to fully support our mission to reintroduce the skilled trades to people of all ages. With over 2.1 million people attending the

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Skilled Trade Education vs. Bachelor’s Degree

It is highly common for high school seniors to select a 4-year college program when they still have no idea what type of career will be right for them. In fact, one-third of college students change their major in the first three years of their program (NCES), and the average rate is 49% for post-secondary

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The Simple Senior Checklist for Life After Graduation

The excitement is building for the incoming class of 2020 and these seniors are beginning to map out what they will do after graduation. The implication that you need to know exactly what you want to with the rest of your life by the time you are a senior can feel really overwhelming, but we

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Tips & Careers for DIY Woodworking

Despite the name, do it yourself (DIY) projects do not need to be done alone. You can always reference YouTube videos and different “How-To” guides for instructions, but there is another resource that you may not be aware of: your local lumberyard! In New Ulm, we have two local lumberyard/construction material providers: Puhlmann Lumber &

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Life in the Trades

Careers in the trades vary from baking to plumbing, but one common thread connects them all: passion for what you do. Recently, we spoke with several local tradespeople to learn why they chose to pursue a career in the trades vs. the traditional 4-year university, what their typical day looks like, their education, and the

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The Timeline and Benefits of Trade School

If you’re a recent high school graduate, or will graduate in a few years, you might be wondering what the difference is between trade school vs. the traditional 4-year undergraduate degree. As more drawbacks to pursuing a 4-year degree emerge (i.e., a lot of debt, difficulty finding a job, etc.), trade school is becoming a

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Automation Station

Automation Station is an interactive exhibit that explores the world of automation, robotics, and assembly from the perspective of a manufacturing environment. Children can assume the role of design engineer, maintenance technician, or production worker by gearing up with safety equipment and getting to work, then pour molten metal, hoist scrap metal, or assemble a

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Congratulations to the prize winners!

Door prizes and the winners from the Big Idea’s Demo Build Big Ideas Tshirt Gift Pack – George Schwint Performax Orbital Jigsaw – Geri Leavens Stanley Jr Kids Tool Belt Set – Brecken Fuchs Irwin Screwdriver Set – Joan Domeier Tool Shop 160 Pc. Titanium Drill Bit Set – Janette Krzmarzick Welding Apron and Pliers

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Spinning Spools Quilt Shop marks 10 years

Staff photo by Clay Schuldt Val Besser in her Spinning Spools Quilt Shop which is celebrating 10 years in business this weekend NEW ULM — In 2008, Val Besser had the notion to start a sewing and quilting shop on downtown Minnesota Street. This notion spun into the Spinning Spools Quilt Shop which is celebrating

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