Big Ideas Road Show – Mobile Classroom

Big Ideas is now offering the opportunity to discover, explore, and learn real-world trade skills, right in your town. We are bringing our show on the road. Through our Mobile Classroom, we partner with schools and organizations to expose students to a number of different trades in a short period of time using both modern technology and conventional training.

Trades available on the Mobile Classroom:

  • CAD
  • Welding
  • Paint Sprayer
  • Sewing

Requirements from partner locations:

  • Parking lot or another area large enough to bring in the semi-trailer and demonstration stations.  
  • Electricity hook-ups for trailer and demonstration tables.(Big Ideas can also bring generators if this is not available, however, direct power is ideal.)
  • Public restrooms within accessible distance of the Mobile Classroom

This innovative version of our traditional classroom courses offers the chance to try-a-trade and experience something new!

For questions or to register for one of our mobile courses please contact:

Rebecca Fliszar
Community Outreach Specialist
Big Ideas, Inc.