Instructors earn up to $350 per day!

We want real… Real people, real professionals, and real-world experience.

Are you an active or retired trades professional that thinks there aren’t enough people prepared to do the work that needs to get done?

We are looking for you!

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions about becoming an Instructor for Big Ideas below. 

It’s up to you!

We are booking events all the time and all over Minnesota. As we book events we will reach out to you as early as possible. This could be weeks or months in advance to see if you can be put on the instructor list. 

Our Mobile Lab travels all around Minnesota which is why we are building a roster of instructors from all over, too.

We ask the instructors closest to the event first, then open up it to everyone.  We work hard to get local instructors so they can have a more personal interaction by talking about local events, current news, or job sites they have worked on for reference. 

In our lab you will have the opportunity to lead one of the virtual reality stations we offer.

Your goal is to help the participants navigate through a few tasks that give them a glimpse of a skilled trade. From there it’s just about answering questions and offering encouragement. 

Yes, you absolutely can. 

We have a training program that will get you up to speed on the equipment and from there you just need to be yourself and have a good time interacting with the visitors as they move through your station. 

No matter where you are in your career, we have a place for you. 

We welcome tradespeople at any time in their career. From just getting into a trade to fully retired, we are looking for all levels to help. 

Our communities are built and maintained by skilled trades. As we inspire the kids and adults that move through the Mobile Learning Lab you will be helping in two ways. The first is by showing people they may have an aptitude for a particular trade and the second is by talking about your experience and pride in your work.  

Spreading the message that skilled trades are important and rewarding seems small but is very impactful when a false belief is broken and replaced by a positive reality. 

Your community needs you more than you know!

By instructing with Big Ideas you get to Inform, Inspire and Connect the next generation of skilled trades workers to a path that will help the entire community and possibly the world. 

Most of our events are half or full-day events. you can choose based on your schedule if an event will work for you. Once you say yes, you will be counted on to be there. 

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