Everyday Genius with G&S Manufacturing

https://vimeo.com/437732881 We had an opportunity to interview and tour with the team at G&S Manufacturing in Courtland. They told us a little about how they got started, some of the machines they use, and how they grew from two people to having 28 employees. At G&S, they make products for many different industries including coal

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Classroom Connections

The classroom is traditionally the backdrop for education, inspiration, and growing curiosity. For Big Ideas, it is all of those things and also a great source of joy, as we see our mission fulfilled. A couple of months ago, we delivered our most recent course in a classroom setting. We recently received feedback on the

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Trade School Scholarships

As another school year comes to an end for high school students, many incoming seniors are beginning to seriously think about their future beyond high school. High school students are becoming more aware of the downfalls associated with a typical 4-year degree; i.e., a lot of student loan debt and difficulty of finding a job

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GAP Year –  Time to Discover Opportunities.

With many families discussing the possibility of a gap year before their high school graduate heads off to higher education, now is an excellent time to evaluate how to maximize that time. The team at Big Ideas Inc. focuses on exciting students about the diverse options available for a successful career path; this article features

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Memorial Day with Big Ideas

As Memorial Day and the weekend approaches, we reflect on those who have given their lives so that we could live with more opportunity. Memorial Day is often a time of furniture sales, annual car liquidation events, and trips to the lake for the weekend. While we enjoy those past times, with half of our

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Big Ideas - Briana

Our own Briana featured on Motortrend’s Bitchin’ Boot Camp

We want to congratulate Briana Huhn for her awesome performance on the internationally streamed show: Bitchin’ Boot Camp! Of over 2,000 applicants, Briana was selected for the final 12. Check out how far she made it! Watch the full series: Q&A with Briana: Why is this important: The entire experience was important to me for

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Protective plexiglass barriers in high demand

See video here:    By Kelsey Barchenger | April 30, 2020 at 1:42 PM CDT – Updated April 30 at 1:42 PM NEW ULM, Minn. (KEYC) – Many local businesses are looking for ways to stay operational while keeping their workers safe, and that has some companies turning to glass shops for help. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the

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Big Ideas Thanks our friends at Blue Demon Welding!

Appreciation post! @the_real_bluedini showed up with the @bluedemonweld dab pen for Chris. He has very limited mobility in his thumb and index finger on his left hand. With the limited mobility, he was unable to feed a rod… or so we thought! The pen made it easy and smooth to use the filler rod. Thank you @bluedemonweld for the great

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What interests you about the trade you applied for the scholarship for? I have always had a big interest in the construction field of work. I like being active and hands on type of tasks so I really felt that the construction field would be a good field to pursue. I really enjoyed hearing from

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What is Big Ideas Anyway?

What is Big Ideas Anyway? In 2016, after watching their two oldest children and friends approach their senior year of high school and consider their futures, Rebecca Fliszar and Mary Ann Christensen had four convergent realizations   Inferiority: The significantly fewer high schoolers contemplating a trade program or two-year degree appeared to feel inferior to

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Big Ideas Blogging

Amazing things at Big Ideas with Chris

Check out our friend Chris’s video from Facebook. Please feel free to share or pass along. I’m looking to connect with fellow veterans who are transitioning out of the military or looking to change careers and enter a field in the skilled trades. Visit bigideasusa.org for more information or hop over to our Facebook Page. We provide

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When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

It might sound cliché, but when the going gets tough, the tough get going! We want to acknowledge companies like UCU inc Suite Seats who have shifted their industrial sewing department to produce much needed medical equipment. Do you know of a business that is using trades to help the community? Help us share on our

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Create a Promising Future in Manufacturing

What do you picture when you think of a manufacturing job? Long hours and overnight shifts in dark factories are common misconceptions that might scare you away from pursuing a career in manufacturing. This post is a wake-up call to inform you about the diverse array of manufacturing jobs that you can attain to build

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2019 State Fair Recap

As we reflect on our first year as an exhibitor at the Minnesota State Fair, we are overcome with gratitude for our volunteers and all the wonderful people who stopped by our booth to fully support our mission to reintroduce the skilled trades to people of all ages. With over 2.1 million people attending the

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Skilled Trade Education vs. Bachelor’s Degree

It is highly common for high school seniors to select a 4-year college program when they still have no idea what type of career will be right for them. In fact, one-third of college students change their major in the first three years of their program (NCES), and the average rate is 49% for post-secondary

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The Simple Senior Checklist for Life After Graduation

The excitement is building for the incoming class of 2020 and these seniors are beginning to map out what they will do after graduation. The implication that you need to know exactly what you want to with the rest of your life by the time you are a senior can feel really overwhelming, but we

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Meet Our Instructor: Eric Fliszar

At Big Ideas, Inc., we are very lucky to have passionate instructors who are passionate about their trade to teach our courses. In this post, we highlight our GMAW and SMAW Welding Courses Instructor, Eric Fliszar. We interviewed Eric to learn more about his love for welding and why he believes that exposure to the

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