Instructor Spotlight : Arco Horton

Occupation: fabricator/welder Why do you work with Big Idea’s? I love teaching my skills to kids and adults who are excited to learn. What is your best experience in Skilled Trades? As a welder I think it’s amazing to build a car completely by hand and watching it go from sheets of steel to a running driving car. Growing up in California and being taught from metal fabricators that are world famous. Why did you get started with the trades? I love the brotherhood plus learning new skills and challenges. And I looked up to the people who taught me. Why do you love the trades? I love to use my imagination and build things by hand so I can look back to see how I can better myself or teach others to learn. Why do you like to share the trades? I love to see the excited when someone learns to weld or use their skills to make money. It’s very satisfying when people go away with skills they didn’t have when you met them.