Everyday Genius with G&S Manufacturing


We had an opportunity to interview and tour with the team at G&S Manufacturing in Courtland.
They told us a little about how they got started, some of the machines they use, and how they grew from two people to having 28 employees.

At G&S, they make products for many different industries including coal and agricultural. They make large feed mill structures, dust collectors and more, huge and heavy equipment. 

G&S is currently looking to hire. They are looking for people interested in industrial painting, welding fabrication, machine operators and more. They are a job shop, so there is the opportunity to work on many different types of work, and there is on-the-job cross training to help you find the work you excel at and enjoy. This is an opportunity to work on impressive jobs and impact the world structurally.

The demand for skilled trade workers continues to grow. It’s never late to find your passion, hobby, or career!

If you are interested, contact Jessica Kloeckl at: jessica@gandsmanufacturing.com.