Providing Opportunities to Discover, Explore & Learn Real World Trades

Big Ideas, Inc.’s mission is to provide opportunities for students, ages 13+ to discover, explore, and learn real-world trade skills. Teaming with existing professional tradespeople, industry shops and staff, and community education systems, we provide the model and structure for courses providing practice of both the hands-on technical skills as well as the soft skills needed to succeed in a trade.  For our purposes, the trade careers we support are defined by the following: they require specialized knowledge, provide a competitive salary, offer readily available career opportunities, provide a career path for progression of professional, financial, and personal growth, and do not require a university degree.

The Faces Behind Big Ideas​

Briana Huhn

Welding - Automotive

Peter Gag

Welding - CAD

Val Besser


Chris Montgomery

Veteran Outreach Coordinator

Andrew Kish



Trade Day

Available for 10-14-year-olds with virtual reality and hands-on trades experiences...

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